Simcoe Wavedeck

The Simcoe WaveDeck, one of four uniquely Canadian wavedecks planned for the Waterfront Toronto, is as artistic as it is functional. Located at the water’s edge, the wooden wavedeck features an informal public amphitheatre-style space with impressive curves that soar as high as 2.6 metres above the lake.

Inspired by the Canadian cottage experience and the shorelines of Ontario’s great lakes, the wavedeck is meant to give urban dwellers a feel for life at the lake. Providing access to Lake Ontario is a key priority for Waterfront Toronto.

Built in less than eight months, the Simcoe WaveDeck joins the Spadina WaveDeck which opened last year in creating more public space along one of the most heavily used parts of the Toronto shoreline. The third Rees Wavedeck was opened in August.

The wavedecks are just one part of Waterfront Toronto’s award-winning design for the central waterfront. The plan also includes a continuous water’s edge promenade and boardwalk; a series of pedestrian footbridges connecting major attractions on the waterfront.






Award of Excellence Ontario Builders Awards (2009), Conde Nast Traveller Innovation and Design Awards (nominee 2010)