Happy Isles

Offering the metropolis a new perspective, the construction of these Happy Isles could help neutralize the rising sea levels by proposing a series of new, sprayed-up sand islands off the coast of Belgium and The Netherlands. These dune islands, measuring up to 150.000 hectares in size, are designed to break the increasing waves.

The Happy Isles Consortium – West 8 and Svasek– drew up a plan which combines an agenda for safety, and the necessity of new land. The islands are positioned between 5 to 25 kilometres off the existing shore and would provide a variety of social, ecological and sociological benefits. In addition, thanks to ingenious engineering of the gullies, the off-shore undertow in the design would cause the sea level to drop during north-western storms.

On the biggest island, Hollandsoog, 150,000 – 200,000 ha. in size, a broad representation of the community would be able to obtain a lease. The economy of this island would be based on leisure and nature experience; a happy island for family, lonely-hearts, poets and festivals.


Svasek Hydraulics, Coastal, Harbour & River Engineering Consultants