2011 onging, Noordwaard, The Netherlands

The Noordwaard polder is one of the key areas of the National Dutch project Ruimte voor de Rivier (Room for the River). This polder is one of 39 locations holding great strategic significance for the water management of the main rivers of The Netherlands and thus for the safety of more than 4 million people. By lowering the dike of the Noordwaard polder the area will become subject to controlled inundation and function as a dedicated water detention district.

West 8, in collaboration with IPV Delft, designed the bridges and pumping-stations for the new Noordwaard area.

Boskalis, Martens en van Oord, van Hattem en Blankevoort, Gebr. van Kessel, ipv Delft
Adriaan Geuze, Gaspard Estourgie, Maarten van de Voorde, Eduard Balcells, Igor Saitov, Perry Maas, Pieter Hoen, Ramona Stiehl, Ronald van Nugteren, Shachar Zur, Zhongwei Li