Botanic Bridge Gwangju
2001, Gwangju, South Korea

West 8 was commissioned to do a study for transforming the 10.8 km disused railway line surrounding the city-heart of Gwangju into a usable green corridor.

West 8 conceived a green serpent that could connect over 20 public schools. To cross the Gwangju stream, West 8 proposed a landmark, a botanic bridge, celebrating the Korean botanics, as a permanent landmark in the city.

The parabolic 35m high botanic bridge contains 24 concrete tree-pots, 4m in diameter, the largest being 7m high. This footbridge has no explicit circulation target. People can, but are not forced to climb the bridge, but the brave and adventures will.

Gwangju Biennale
Prof. Oh Koo-Kyoon
Adriaan Geuze, Jerry van Eyck, Pieter Rabijns, Sabine Müller, Yoon-Jin Park